We want our librarian back — reinstate Mrs. Miller!

In case you haven’t heard, longtime Castleton Public Library librarian Darlene Miller was terminated effective immediately on Saturday, Sept. 19. No one knows the full details, since the Library Board would not share them with us during a meeting earlier this week, but I, and many other Castleton residents do know this: we want our librarian back!

Mrs. Miller could be termed the glue that holds this town together. She organizes summer reading programs; is a fixture at Castleton Elementary School morning programs; reaches out to the aged in our community with books, videos and other library materials; and is just an all-around whirlwind of energy and excitement when it comes to all things library. For anyone who didn’t hear last year, our tiny Castleton Public Library was voted 1st Runner Up for the 2008 “Best Small Library in America” by the Library Journal & the Gates Foundation. Not bad for Castleton, huh?

Do you want our librarian back as well? I encourage you to share your views below. Let’s do what we can to GET OUR LIBRARIAN BACK!!! Mrs. Miller, Castleton misses your energy!


4 responses to “We want our librarian back — reinstate Mrs. Miller!

  1. Kimberly Worobey

    Mrs. Miller is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve ever known. From elementary school on up to speaking at Kiwanis meetings, if you ever wondered how to define passion, the Darlene Miller defines just that. She is devoted to helping others, helping people access books, and loving life!

  2. Al & Linda Muench

    We are long-time friends of Darlene. We cannot imagine any board member in their right mind having a problem with Darlene and the way she interacts with both children and adults. Darlene has a solid reputation as a librarian, a reputation that has spread well beyond Castleton. We say fire the board and replace them with members who are more competent … and bring back Darlene.

  3. Carol Roberts

    Darlene is a dynamo. She has more energy, vision, and compassion than most people I know.
    What a huge loss for her community.

  4. L. F. Robbins

    This movement is losing steam. Again, let’s try a total boycott of the library.

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