Columbia Paper article addresses “why” of Miller termination

The Columbia Paper ran a great piece this Saturday, written by Catherine Sager. It reported the strong turnout for the candlelight vigil but, more importantly, did what hasn’t been done thus far: detailed some of the library board’s assertions for firing Darlene Miller. An excerpt from the story is as follows:

“The letter [termination letter from the board] goes on to say that The Board of Trustees found her performance to be unsatisfactory in the areas of collection building, collection maintenance, premises maintenance and personnel management.

“Moreover, it is the Board of Trustees’ belief that you have failed to maintain a positive working relationship with the board, have failed to supply the board with requested information, and made certain decisions without properly consulting the board and have disregarded certain explicit directions of the board.

In a phone interview following last month’s meeting, Mr. Howards said, “The Board of Trustees has taken their fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. I believe there is a rational basis for their action.

“Ms. Miller was let go with two weeks’ pay as severance; she was given three days to return her keys and any library property she may have.

“Despite the board’s position that Ms. Miller had not adequately developed the collection, the board reported this week that the library has gone over its budget for books on tape for adults. Books on tape are often requested by residents at Castle Hill and Resurrection Nursing Home. The board also said that some children’s programming would need to be cut.”

You can read the full story for yourself by pasting the URL below into your web browser address bar:

Thanks to Catherine Sager for answering a lot of the questions that, to date, have gone unanswered.

I don’t know about you, but I still want my librarian back.


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