Library board called to interview new board candidates

I guess you could say a bit of progress was made at last night’s (Wed., Oct. 21) Village Board meeting. The village officials asked the library trustees to interview candidates for the nine open slots on the library board.

We currently have six library trustees, and are allowed a total of 15 trustees on the board. Several individuals submitted letters of intent earlier this month. Perhaps new blood is on the horizon.



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2 responses to “Library board called to interview new board candidates

  1. L. F. Robbins

    New board members is a great move.
    However, how does this help Darlene get her job back?

    Perhaps a total boycott of the Castleton Library is in order.

  2. Crystal Megaridis

    You should take a close look at the library’s bylaws, as that must state what constitutes a board quorum. Typically, for a large board of 15, quorum is normally set at 7. If there is no quorum, they cannot even hold meetings. If they have been meeting without a quorum, nothing they do is valid: no actions, decisions, etc.

    How many Trustees were at the meeting when the library director was fired?

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