Candlelight vigil a success!

We had a great showing for the Tuesday night candlelight vigil. Approximately 75 people came out complete with signs and chants! Thanks for your support!

News Channel 13 WNYT covered the event, along with print reporter Catherine Sager. We also had a number of local politicians and candidates come out in support of Darlene – including Alex Shannon, Kristin Shaw, Judith Breselor and Elizabeth Gable. I believe we made a difference!

After the vigil, many went to the Library Trustee’s meeting. During that meeting, Village Lawyer, Craig Crist, let the public know that today, Wednesday, Oct. 21, the Village Board, along with Craig Crist, would meet with Library Trustees and their counsel. This will be an executive session for the most part, but people are welcome to stick around after the executive session to be apprised of the situation. This meeting will start at 7 p.m. at the Village Hall.



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2 responses to “Candlelight vigil a success!

  1. Debra Young

    I am so sorry that I was unable to attend the vigil last night for Mrs. Miller. I applaud the community effort to reinstate Mrs. Miller as she was the heart and soul of the Castleton Library.

  2. Barb

    I need to correct this alittle. The Trustees were insinde at 6:30pm NOT starting there meeting until 7pm. Nina and I did not read the blog yesterday. While waiting for the Village meeting to start Nina was informed of the incorrect statement. I do know that even before getting home last night she was on the phone trying to correct this.
    I hope people understand that as we are going through this very trying time we do our best to only put out correct info, and will do our best to cottect it when needed.
    Thank you to all who read this.

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