Meeting tonight Tues., Oct. 13th Come Show Your Support! Numbers MATTER!!

The Village of Castleton will host another meeting tonight and I’m encouraging everyone to SHOW YOUR SUPPORT. Numbers matter, so if you care, let it show by showing up — it helps.

What’s going on with our library now? Library hours have decreased, the Trustees are manning the desk and there doesn’t seem to be any programming. And worst of all, Darlene Miller is still not our director!!

PLEASE make all effort to be present at the meeting. Usually public input is first thing on the agenda and we are out early (if time is a concern).

Also, if you’d like to be a Library Trustee, there are many positions open. Write a letter of intent and bring it tomorrow night to the Village. Let them see that we care about the future of our library!



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2 responses to “Meeting tonight Tues., Oct. 13th Come Show Your Support! Numbers MATTER!!

  1. Jack Yuzynko

    Follow-up to the Oct 13th meeting with the Village Board of Trustees:

    Thank you to the Board for allowing our community to voice their concerns, again. Hopefully, the indicators that they gave and acknowledged regarding the understanding of our complaints will be true and honest.

    My biggest concern at this point was an underlying and sometimes vocalized idea – “This is the same old BS (and that’s not the degree). Steps need to be taken, and people have to remember – this is not going to be resolved in the next week or two. In fact, I’m guessing that a tact has been applied that says… “give it some time, and this will all die down”.

    PLEASE!!!! Don’t let it end. The Library Board of Trustees are NOT our representatives. We need people there who will try to accomplish what CASTLETON wants.

  2. Barb

    We can not let this calm down and just go away. Many of us plan to attend the Library Trustee meeting Tuesday October 20 at 7pm. we are hoping for a large turn out again. Let’s get the word out and have over 100 people there again.

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