Don’t forget: keep writing letters to the editor!

Have you written a letter to the editor yet? If you’re looking for inspiration, Carol Dratch-Kovler was kind enough to pass her letter along. Use it as a model or pen your own. Either way, write!

20 Prins Hill Way
Castleton, N.Y. 12033
September 23, 2009

Dear Editor and Concerned Citizens,

I attended the meeting on Sept. 22 where 124 people met to express their outrage at the firing of Library Director, Darlene Miller while she was on emergency medical leave. As a retired librarian and Castleton part-time staff member since 2001, I have watched CPL grow into a vibrant community asset. This is due largely to the dedicated service of Mrs. Miller and her commitment to library excellence.

Many library children, teens ,adults and seniors praised Mrs. Miller’s achievements and spoke warmly about the way she touched their lives. A few people asked pointed questions about her reinstatement but the Board refused to answer any questions regarding her dismissal with their attorney present. This is such a disservice to the community that this Board needs to rescind their poor decision and then resign. I would also like to know if the money for their attorney is coming from the library’s budget. That’ s our tax dollars being wasted on a decision that the community clearly rejects.

I urge all like-minded people to write letters to write comments and sign our petition at:

Having worked in public libraries since 1970, I have never witnessed such a misguided group who do not have the best interest of library and community at heart. Yes, they are Library Trustees, but they don’t seem to understand it is their responsibility to follow the will of the people. And we the people want our Mrs. Miller back where she has more than earned the right to be …at the Castleton Public Library that she put on the national library stage. A list of her awards is also posted on the web.

The Board said they have no intention of closing the Castleton Library but without Mrs. Miller, it’s the kiss of death. No one will go there. Is this what the Board wants? Is this what the people want? Let’s join together to make public opinion prevail.


Carol Dratch-Kovler


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