Village board hears from town residents, Nina Martino regarding Library issue

Nine sent along an update following Monday, Sept. 28 Village Board meeting:

“Thank you to all that braved the pending rain and came down to last night’s meeting with the Village Trustees. There were enough present last night that the Mayor and Trustees decided to hold our portion of the meeting on the lawn so that all could hear and be heard. A great big thanks again to Mayor Carner, the Trustees, Donna Mesick (Clerk) and Craig Crist (Village Lawyer) for hearing out the public and being flexible with the meeting plan.

“I had prepared a speech that outlined the following:
1) That the Village Trustees are responsible for appointing the Library Trustees (Educational Law #260)
2) How much the public is in shock and dismay over Darlene’s termination
3) My findings on the violations of this current Board of Library Trustees.

“I also, after receiving the information I foiled from the Donna (Village Clerk), stated that all of the current Library Trustees have not been appointed by the Village Trustees with regards to their current terms. They also have not filed an Oath of Office (verified by the Village, by the Town of Schodack, and verbally (I am foiling for the paperside of this) by Rensselaer County Clerk’s office. Therefore, I believe that they are not valid Trustees and their seats should be vacated immediately.

“In addition, I wanted to say thank you to the students of Maple Hill School District. They brought a petition with 109 student signatures. At the time I pulled our online petition, before the meeting,there were already 224 signatures.

“As you can imagine, the Village is going to follow up with this and I will be sending them my files.”

And Nina, thank you for your efforts. Your hard work is an inspiration to us all!


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One response to “Village board hears from town residents, Nina Martino regarding Library issue

  1. Derek Ludwig

    The next Schodack Town Board meeting is October 8th. I called the supervisor’s office to find out if the library will be on the agenda, as it is not posted on the town’s website. The agenda is usually posted the Tuesday before the meeting – Oct 6, in this case. Dawne will be calling me if the library will be on the agenda.

    I will keep you posted.

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