Please Re-sign the Petition

The petition has been updated to add an address line. If you’ve already signed, please re-sign and add your address. Sorry for the confusion! The link to the petition is on the lower right hand side of this blog. If you can’t find it, I’ll also post it in this entry. You’ll probably have to cut and paste it into the address line, however.



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One response to “Please Re-sign the Petition

  1. Michele M Hulek-Doyle

    Castleton Public Library-A Century of Service

    From its humble start within a shed
    To the hundred-millionth book we read
    Our library has ever shown
    The way to knowledge as we’ve grown.
    A shelter for our imaginations;
    A support for all our aspirations;
    A place for knowledge, learning, fun;
    A place who’s work is far from done.
    A gathering place for all the ages;
    A place where diversion waits on pages.
    Where information waits on shelves
    To help us to improve ourselves.
    A wondrous place for little scholars;
    A place to lose yourself for hours.
    And as a second century starts
    It’s the place that lives in many hearts.
    Three cheers for the Castleton library
    Who long has set our imaginations free!

    © 07/26/09

    Michele M. Hulek-Doyle

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