More Press: The Columbia Paper

The publicity just keeps on growing! The Columbia Paper printed a story this Sunday, Sept. 27 detailing last week’s meeting. Check it out at:

Also, if you’ like to send along a letter to the editor, their address is:

The Columbia Paper
P.O. Box 636 New Lebanon, NY 12125
(518) 821-6466
Fax (866) 530-3749


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One response to “More Press: The Columbia Paper

  1. Lynne Fitzgerald

    This makes no sense to me…..The community is most important in this situation. If the Trustees hide behind personnel issues, why haven’t they discussed them between the Village Board (who appointed them and Darlene Miller whose reputation is being hurt by this action?

    There have to be other motives involved. How will the library at Castleton survive, and is this part of the issue to close this library which services the entire town and Village as well as other communities who visit due to the Mrs. Miller’s excellent reputation?

    In other words, what are the Trustee’s motives in this action which clearly is not the wishes of the taxpayers and residents!!!

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