Albany Times Union Features Story About Library Controversy

In case you missed it, the Albany Times Union ran a story in Friday’s paper detailing the community uproar over Mrs. Miller’s termination. You can view the story by checking out the link below, look to your right.

Let’s keep up the heat. Spread the word about this blog and encourage everyone who supports and misses Mrs. Miller to post comments. Also, if you have photos you’d like to share that show Mrs. Miller in action at the library, or in the community, please pass them on; I’ll be happy to post.



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2 responses to “Albany Times Union Features Story About Library Controversy

  1. Derek Ludwig

    From the Columbia Paper:

    Castleton area residents protest dismissal of director; written by Catherine Sager on Sunday, 27 September 2009:

  2. Barbara Calabrese

    Please note that the Village of Castleton has not shown any record of advertising meetings in advance properly, reviewing with taxpayers all laws every 5 years, printing of actual Assessor’s Property Record Card information so citizens can legally grieve their tax assessment, may be quadrupling water bills, has unlicensed employees with no public education record for their licensed positions, etc. Etc.

    Given any time I have a few comments to make and will be bringing evidence for distribution. Anyone interested, please ask me at this meeting.
    NYS Lic. Real Estate Broker, Notary Public, former Town of Kingston NY Deputy Town Clerk Barbara S. Calabrese, 32 South Main St. Castleton N

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