Nina Martino to speak at Village Trustee Meeting, Monday, Sept. 28, 7:30 p.m.

Nina Martino, who delivered an impassioned defense of Mrs. Miller and a detailed breakdown of how she alleges the library board acted improperly, will be speaking before the Village Trustees on Monday, Sept. 28, around 7:30 p.m. She advises everyone to come earlier, just in case her opportunity to speak is scheduled earlier. If you’re able, come out and show your support for Mrs. Miller, our library and Nina. Critical mass matters — the more people who come out, the better.

Nina also passed on the following information about the issue:

“In addition, there seems to be a case made that the Board has falsified data to NYS on their 2008 Annual Report. They answered yes to the following questions on the Annual Report:
1) Has a Board approved written long range plan of service,
2) Presents an annual report to the community.
3) Periodically evaluates the effectiveness of the collection and services in meeting community needs.
Yet, when I emailed Carolyn Stetson, Board President, for copies of these, I was told they did not have them and knew they needed to do them.

“They have also been in violation of Open Meetings law when requesting information, such as Board meeting notes to be made public. These files should be made public 2 weeks after a meeting even if they have not been approved.

“Also, I do believe that the public is able to know how the Trustees voted on Darlene’s termination. Here is the law:

Section 87(3)(a) of the Freedom of Information Law has long required that an agency maintain a record indicating the manner in which each member of a body casts his or her vote in any instance in which a vote is taken. Further, it has been held that such a record must be prepared and made available even when action is taken during an executive session [Smithson v. Ilion Housing Authority, 130 AD2d 965 (1987), affirmed 72 NY2d 1034 (1988)]. In short, members of public bodies subject to the Open Meetings Law cannot vote by secret ballot, and a record must be prepared specifying how each member casts a vote.”

Nina has currently FOILed for this information. For those who don’t know what FOILed means, it stands for Freedom of Information Law, which allows members of the public to access records of governmental agencies.



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2 responses to “Nina Martino to speak at Village Trustee Meeting, Monday, Sept. 28, 7:30 p.m.

  1. Rachel Baum, Past President, New York Library Association

    Firing Darlene Miller is the height of insanity. She has carried the library for many years on her capable shoulders. The Castleton Library has been recognized nationally because of HER efforts. She embodies what every library board wants for their library – a hard-working, committed, and unwavering advocate on behalf of the community she serves. I can only surmise that the library board is threatened by her abilities and wants to micro-manage her. These misguided trustees need to revisit and rethink their role as a library board, and step back to let their director continue to do her work.

  2. Marcia Lee Metzger

    Right on! Darlene Miller has done so much for the Library and needs to be allowed to continue! The Library Trustees could not be more completely in the wrong than they are at the moment. Bring Darlene back!

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