We want our librarian back — reinstate Mrs. Miller!

In case you haven’t heard, longtime Castleton Public Library librarian Darlene Miller was terminated effective immediately on Saturday, Sept. 19. No one knows the full details, since the Library Board would not share them with us during a meeting earlier this week, but I, and many other Castleton residents do know this: we want our librarian back!

Mrs. Miller could be termed the glue that holds this town together. She organizes summer reading programs; is a fixture at Castleton Elementary School morning programs; reaches out to the aged in our community with books, videos and other library materials; and is just an all-around whirlwind of energy and excitement when it comes to all things library. For anyone who didn’t hear last year, our tiny Castleton Public Library was voted 1st Runner Up for the 2008 “Best Small Library in America” by the Library Journal & the Gates Foundation. Not bad for Castleton, huh?

Do you want our librarian back as well? I encourage you to share your views below. Let’s do what we can to GET OUR LIBRARIAN BACK!!! Mrs. Miller, Castleton misses your energy!



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9 responses to “We want our librarian back — reinstate Mrs. Miller!

  1. Kate

    Having Mrs. Miller as the librarian was one of the main reasons the library has been so successful. As far as I am concerned she’s always been “the library”. I really can’t comprehend why Sue Goold Miller and the rest of the board of trustees would think that relieving Darlene of her position is in the best interest of the library, our children, our village and our town.

  2. Sandra Haggett

    The energy Darlene brings to anything she is involved with is amazing. Her dedication to the library is evident even to those who do not live in Castleton.

  3. This site is in mention in a Times Union article about the affair. http://www.timesunion.com/AspStories/story.asp?storyID=846167

  4. Margaret Kreiger

    I agree witheverything Nina has said but just wanted to add that I don’t live in the Castleton area but i do come to story hour because Darlene is a wonderful teacher and is always very enthusiastic about her job, and my daughter absolutely loves her. I think what this board has done is an injustic.BRING BACK OUR LIBRARIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hannah

    My 3 children went to see Mrs. Miller every Tuesday for story time when they were younger. My older two love seeing Mrs. Miller at the morning program at CES My youngest still loves to go see Mrs. Miller at the library always ready to give her a big hug! She is a great asset to our little library and as far as I’m concerned one of the reasons why I take my children to the library because she was always there greeting our children and adults with a big smile. Ithink it was wrong what was done to Mrs. Miller and does not make me want to run to the library anymore! By getting rid of Mrs. Miller is and will be one of the biggest mistakes that you could do. I know alot of people who are very unhappy with it and alot of people who probably will not come back to the library if she is not brought back including me and my family. BRING BACK MRS.MILLER !!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Margie Morris

    Darlene Miller is one of the most dedicated librarians I have met in my 17 years of public library service. I am always awed at the level of programming and activity generated by such a small library. I believe that Castleton Library won a “Best Small Library” award not too long ago. I’m pretty sure that was based on the work done by Darlene and her staff. It seems to me that the Castleton Library Board of Trustees does not realize how fortunate they have been to have Darlene as the director. Is this the Board that should be overseeing the library for the residents of Castleton?

  7. Marianne K

    Mrs. Miller was the reason I drove from Troy to Castleton for storytimes, passing many other libraries and many other storytimes on the way. Both of my daughters enjoyed her enthusiasm, her expressive nature, and the crafts and games she led during her todler and preschool storytimes. We also have very fond memories of my older daughter’s third birthday. That year, we entered a raffle to benefit the library, and won a birthday party “hosted” by Mrs. Miller. We had friends begging us to make sure they were on the invite list, and Mrs. Miller did not disappoint. She worked with me on a theme for the party, and she arrived with materials and activities galore, all based around the birthday girl’s chosen theme. That is a memory we will treasure forever! We were sad when, last year, schedule conflicts arose that have since prevented us from attending Mrs. Miller’s storytimes.
    Mrs. Miller’s commitment to the library was evident in everything she did, and as I’ve heard many say, she was the library. In fact, we never said we were going to the library, we always said we were going to Mrs. Miller’s.
    I am greatly saddened to hear of Mrs. Miller’s sudden and vaguely explained termination. Castleton library has lost someone irreplaceable. I sincerely hope the board will reconsider their devastatingly foolish decision.

  8. Please be aware that our library trustees are looking for Mrs. Miller’s replacement — https://joblist.ala.org/modules/jobseeker/controller.cfm?scr=jobdetail&jobid=13626. They can be email at librarytrustees@nycap.rr.com.

    Does anyone know how to become a trustee? Or how to recall one? The current trustees, and when their term expires, are: Carolyn Stetson (President) 4/30/11; Kathy Meyer (Secretary) 12/31/11; Terri Jackson 12/31/10; Sue Goold Miller 12/31/09; Judy Ormiston 12/31/09; April Zeigler 12/31/11′; and two vacancies – from http://www.uhls.org/castleton/Gen_Info.shtm

  9. I’m just astonished at this. Darlene is indeed a whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm and absolute dedication to the community her library serves. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of working with Darlene through some regional library grants. I was so impressed with her ability to connect with the students and adults who participated in the programs that I helped present. And I’ve heard nothing but praise for her from friends who live in Castleton. I hope that the residents of Castleton come out in force to support their library and the reinstatement of Darlene.

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